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For business

In this age of online business and social media, our first impression of the person we may be interacting with is often their LinkedIn photo, website or Facebook page.


First impressions last. Is your headshot up to date? Does it project the you that you want people to see?  


Or maybe it’s this…




Oh dear. Let's be honest. If you’re faced with a blank symbol or a good headshot that projects confidence and professionalism, which one are you likely to remember?


The role of a headshot photographer is to ensure that first impression is a good one.


For actors

If you are an established or aspiring actor, you need headshots for your portfolio and casting agent. You want a range of headshots that show the real you. 

Take a look at the photos in my gallery. As you can see, I can provide a range of backgrounds and lighting arrangements. If you like what you see, please get in touch. I am a mobile photographer, bringing my portable studio to you. 

For actors' headshots I compose my shots to portrait orientation, to comply with the industry standard of 10x8 format.







Anyone with an online presence, including...

  • Actors

  • CEO's

  • Public figures

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Media personalities

Click here to send me an email or call me on 07751 094481

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