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I've been interested in photography since my teens. I began with a Kodak Brownie, processing my own black and white films. At the time it was considered normal for young David to disappear into the cupboard under the stairs at regular intervals, to put exposed film into the developing tank.

It wasn't long before I realised that I could probably do with something better than the Brownie and, one Christmas, my parents asked Santa to get me a Zenith E, a Russian SLR. It was as heavy as a house brick but just as strong and reliable. Many professional photographers started out with one of these. Being totally manual, I learned how to use shutter speeds and apertures to control exposure.

Most of my working life has involved imagery in one way or another. On leaving school I became an illustrator and then an artist and tutor, but I always maintained my interest in photography.

Now, of course, everything's digital, so I no longer need to frequent the under-stairs cupboard. 


Portrait photography is my chosen field.

Every person who sits, or stands, in front of my camera is different, and I appreciate the fact that not everyone is confident in this situation.

But I like to keep things relaxed, friendly and collaborative. Together we’ll bring out the best in you and create some memorable headshots.

Click here to send me an email or call me on 07751 094481

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